1/4 DIN Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controllers

1/4 DIN Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controllers FUZYPRO 4400

The FUZYPRO 4400 is a powerful Programmer, packed with innovative features to control complex processes. Metal treatment and environmental chambers are typical applications for the 4400.

FuzyPro 1/4 DIN Fuzzy Logic Temperature Controllers Features:

  • Free-form programming

  • Delayed start

  • Auto Hold

  • Modbus & ASCII comms

  • Program End/Run relay

  • Power fail recovery

  • Self-tuning algorithms

  • PC support software


Technical Data:


Control Types

Full PID with Pre, Self or Manual Tuning. Heat, Heat & Cool or Valve Motor applications


Selectable from front panel, with bumpless transfer

Output Configuration

Up to 3 total. Max 2 for control (Heat & Cool), max 2 for Alarms, max 1 for retransmit PV or SP

Alarm 1 & 2 Types

Process high, process low, SP deviation, band, logical OR and hysteresis. Also 1 loop alarm

Human Interface

6 buttons, 13mm & 10mm high LED’s, 8 digit message display, plus status LED indicators

PC Configuration

Off-line configuration, profile editing & tracker, via config socket (comms option not required)


Number of programs

8, each with 16 free-form segments (Ramp/Dwell/Join/Repeat/End). Max seg. length 99 hrs 59 mins

Auto Hold

Fully programmable. Holds program if PV is outside of specified hold band.

EOP Relay

Fitted as standard. Indicates program running or program ended.

Delayed start

Max 99 hours 59mins delay from initiation to program start

Real Time Clock Option

Allows programmed start on specific days, and intelligent power fail recovery



J, K, R, S, T, B, L, & N.


3 Wire PT100, 50Ω per lead maximum (balanced)

DC Linear

0-20/4-20mA, 0-50/10-50mV, 0-5/1-5/0-10/2-10V. Scaleable -1999 to 9999, dec point available


>100MΩ for Thermocouple and mV ranges, 47KΩ for V ranges and 4.7Ω for mA ranges


+/- 0.25% of input span +/- 1 LSD (T/C CJC better than 0.7°C)


4 per second, 14 bit resolution approximately

Sensor Break Detection

<2 secs (except zero based DC ranges), control O/P’s turn off, *high alarms activate (*low for RTD)

Outputs & Options

Control & Alarm Relays

Contacts SPDT 2Amp resistive at 240V AC, >500,000 operations (EOP relay 5A 240V >100,000)

Event Output Option

4 program segment event relays, contacts SPST 5Amp resistive at 240V AC, >100,000 operations

Remote Program Ctrl

Volt-free/TTL inputs for Run/Hold, Abort, X60 (mins/secs) and program selection.


2 Wire RS485, 1200 to 9600 Baud, ASCII and Modbus (selectable)

Operating & Environmental

Temperature & RH

0 to 55°C (-20 to 80°C storage), 20% to 95%RH non-condensing

Power Supply

100 to 240V 50/60Hz (optional 20 to 55V AC/22 to 65V DC), approx 4 Watts

Front Panel Protection

IEC IP66 (Behind panel protection is IP20)

Approvals and

CE, UL & ULc


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