New Products from Heaters Controls & Sensors

New Products from Heaters Controls & Sensors

The Fuzzy Logic plus PIM microprocessor-based controller series, incorporate a bright, easy to read 4-digit LED display, indicating process value or set point value. The Fuzzy Logic technology enables a process to reach a predetermined set point in the shortest time, with the minimum of overshoot during power-up or external load disturbance.

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Display Module, TRIVIEW Series, CRV4000, CRV4100, CRV4200, Data View

The TRIVIEW Series provides a unique way to view multiple variables at the same time. Ideal for 3 phase systems reading Voltage and current. Perfect for measuring multi-functions of single phase systems, including voltage, current, and power. Includes status indicators and front panel button interface. Connects with all CR Magnetics sensors including DataStream, Analog Transducers, Current Transformers, and Potential Transformers. Standard 1/8 Din Case.

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Explosion Proof, Drum Heaters

Explosion proof drum heaters are FM Approved Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D, FM Apporved Class II Division 2 Groups F and G. They have an exceptional 8" (203mm) coverage area and exceptional durability and flexibility. Explosion proof drum heaters are moisture and chemical resistant. A grounded heating element meets NEC 427.23. Explosion proof drum heaters are designed for metal drums.

FuzyPro, 1/16 DIN, Limit Alarm Unit, Model 6700

The FuzyPro 1/16 DIN Limit Alarm Unit Model 6700 provides a programmable safety cut out with optional outputs for annunciators and alarms. A latched relay cuts power to the process if it exceeds the safe value. The unit must be reset before the process can continue.

Melt Pressure, Transducers, Transmitters, FuzyPro, Model FZ - MPT 1200

Based on strain gauges technology, FUZYPRO's melt pressure transducers/transmitters are developed and made 100% from stainless steel in mass production. Our melt pressure transducers are suit to measuring and controlling the pressure of some high temperature melts such as chemical fiber, plastic, rubber and petrifaction or other over proof liquids. Our company draws on the advanced technology from aboard and manufactures with imported materials and key apparatus, provides our products with stable work, credible capability, high accuracy, large outputted signal, good dynamic capability, small over proof zero temperature-excursion and other merits.

LevelSonic, Ultrasonic Level Sensors

The small, compact LevelSonic Ultrasonic Level Sensors offer non-contact measurement of liquids and solid levels. The transmitter is two-wire loop-powered and uses a simple magnetic key to set up the level range to be measured, as well as selecting the response rate and default currents. On-board AND visible operating and fault indication keeps you informed of the operational and fault status at the transmitter.



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Dataloggers, sensors, recorders, timers, hand held instruments, controllers of different sizes for a variety of industrial applications. Heaters Controls And Sensors LTD., also manufacturers industrial heaters, custom control panels, the FuzyPro product line of controllers and data loggers.

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