Remote Current Indicator CR2530

Remote Current Indicator, CR2530Remote Current Indicators CR2530 series are a low cost method for providing a visual indication of electrical current flow. Remote Current Indicator sare factory calibrated to provide a preset turn-on point. The value of the turn-on point is determined by the customer and specified in the part number. Attached to the transformer is a high efficiency, bi-polar LED that illuminates when the current is above the turn-on point. Remote Current Indicators are available as standard with 11 inch long leads and a red LED indicator.

Wire Mounted Current Indicator
Wire Mounted Current Indicator
Wire Mounted Current Indicator
Low cost for high volume OEM installations
Preset turn-on point
Fully isolated
Easy to install
LED Indicator Type: T-1 3/4, Bi-polar, Red/Red
LED Mounting Hardware: Plastic one-piece, press-in lens, and two-piece mounting clip supplied
Indicator is supplied with LED attached to current sensing transformer


Indicate open heater element
Observe remote loads
Indicated phase loss
Monitor motor overloads


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