Current Sensing Relay CR4395

Current Sensing Relay, CR4395Current Sensing Relay CR4395 series provides an effective and highly stable method for monitoring electrical current. The current-carrying wire is routed through the opening extending from the top of the case. When current reaches the level set by the trip point adjustment, the relay trips and starts the adjustable timer. After the timer cycles the electromechanical relay is energized. A precision voltage reference circuit ensures a highly repeatable trip point. Design of the power-on delay circuitry allows the supply power to be repeatedly cycled on and off, without affecting the stability of the current sensing operation.


Wire Mounted Current Indicator
Wire Mounted Current Indicator
Wire Mounted Current Indicator
Variable trip point and time delay
Monitors currents from 10 mA to 60 AC Amps
Electrical isolation between circuits
Output relay rated up to 20 Amps
LED trip status indicator
Dead band prevents relay chatter
Calibrated dial option available
External current transformers available
Power-On Delay: 100 ms max
Input Supply Power: Terminals: 2 - 1/4" Male Q C
Frequency: 60 to 400 Hz
Mechanical Life: 10 million operations, typ.@ rated load


Monitor electrical heater elements
Sense motor over/under loads
Detect lamp burn-out
Indicate phase loss


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