Voltage Transducers CR473

Voltage Transducers, CR473The CR473 series Voltage Transducers are expanded scale instruments designed to accurately measure three-phase voltages. Each model produces three discrete 4-20 mA signals which are proportional (across the selected input voltage range) to the three-phase input voltage. The output is a true constant current driver which is unaffected by resistance variations in the output loop of 0-600 ohms. The CR4730 is designed to measure line-to-line voltages and the CR4731 to measure line-to-neutral. Both are average-reading, calibrated to read RMS.


Wire Mounted Current Indicator
Wire Mounted Current Indicator
Wire Mounted Current Indicator
Permanently calibrated
Fully isolated
ANSI/ISO 50.1 Class L3
Nominal Input Voltages: 120, 240, 277, & 480 Vac
Accuracy: +/- 0.5% Full-Scale (FS)
Ripple On Output: Less than 1%
Calibrated Signal Out: 4-20 mA DC
Response Time: 1.5 sec. max., 10-90% FS
Measure line-to-line voltages
Measure line-to-neutral
CR Magnetics Current Transducer Catalog
CR Magnetics Current Transformer Catalog
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