Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems

Hot Runner, Temperature, Control, SystemsHot runner temperature control systems modules from Heaters Controls and Sensors Ltd., for the plastics processing industry are fully automatic PID controllers with on board diagnostics for Open, Shorted, or Reversed thermocouple.


Hot runner temperature control systems also features LED's for under temperature or over temperature indication, Heat load on/off, Ramp start, and Open or closed loop operation. The display can also be set for set point or process temperature indication and a +/- 3 degree indicator flashes when process temperature is within 3 degrees of setpoint.


Hot runner temperature control systems modules are also designed for full communication capability with alarm and standby module.


Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems Features:

  • Microprocessor based controllers

  • Automatic tuning PID Control

  • Touch pad front panel controls

  • Soft start ramp up standard feature

  • Auto or manual mode available thermocouple status indicator

  • Current indication setpoint or process indication

  • Under/over temperature indication


Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems Specifications:

  • Voltage - 120 or 240 volts

  • Output Current/ Watts - 15 amps 3600 watts at 240 1800 at 120

  • Input - Type J thermocouple Grounded or ungrounded

  • T/C Break protection - Inhibits power to heater

  • Control Accuracy - +/-1ºF or +/- .5ºC

  • Temperature Range - Ambient to 999ºF (535ºC)

  • Cycle time - 0.33 seconds

  • Manual control - Adjustable from 0 to 100%

  • Ramp Start - Duration 5 minutes

  • Output - Zero cross triac triggering

  • Data Communication - IBM PC compatible

  • Compatibility - Hot runner industrial standard compatible

  • Accessories - 600 to 240 volts step down transformers, Power connectors 5, 8,12, zones, Thermocouple connectors 5, 8,12 zones, Floor Stands will support up to 48 zones, Main Frames 5, 8,12, Stackable to 48 zone


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